FaceSniper Review

FaceSniper Review

Why a FaceSniper Review?

This Facesniper review will tell you everything you need to know about 2014′s hottest Facebook marketing product! Facesniper review will revolutionize the way you market to Facebook users.

What is Facesniper?


Facesniper is an online application that allows you to leverage the amazing potential of Facebook to grow your online business. Let’s face it, Facebook is huge.

According to Facebook’s third quarter report, there are over 728 million people using Facebook daily, 1.19 billion actively using it monthly, and advertisers are spending $1.8 billion to reach them. Why? Because that is where the customers are!

Facesniper knows this, but also realizes that with 1.19 billion monthly visitors that not all of them care about your niche. You need to get focused, and Facesniper can help!

How Does Facesniper Help You Focus In?

Facesniper gets you focused by separating out the users that sort of care about your niche from those that are passionate about it. Let’s look at each of the tools available:

  • Extract Passionate Page Fans

Facebook pages attract all sorts of people. When you go to a Facebook page in your niche, and want to zero in on those likely to convert you want to find those currently liking, commenting and sharing. This tool does just that.

  • Extract Active Group Members

A Facebook group involves those that passionate and wanting to discuss topics. When you find a group that is focused on your niche, this tool will help you focus in on those users that are active in discussions in the group. Active users are more likely to convert.

  • Extract Event Attendees

When someone says they are attending an event on Facebook this gives the marketer a very real chance of engaging with them if the event is related to their niche. For example, let’s say you sell baby clothing, strollers or such, and you find an event for a baby shower. Using Facesniper you can target these attendees with ads for items that they may to buy. This tool will be huge!

  • Extract Users Who Like a Specific Post

If you come across a post that is targeted to your niche, Facesniper will let you extract these users and target them. Again, this allows for you to target passionate users that are interested in your niche.

  • Extract Users Email Addresses

I wouldn’t recommend blasting these users with emails to buy your stuff, but you could use this feature to grow your brand. Have a Facebook page that is a bit empty? Take those passionate users and invite them to get your page rocking!

  • Reach Popular Users

Everyone knows that there are certain users on Facebook that have a lot of sway. Facesniper helps you find them so you can contact them and ask them to endorse you. People trust these users, and this could help your sales skyrocket!

 Hopefully this Facesniper review has been helpful in giving you the information you need in making an informed decision. You should give it a try! Right now you can try it for 7 days for $1 and see why it is an amazing product that will make a lot of people a lot of money. Hopefully you will be one of them!

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